..there is power in speech


            So I decided to continue working on my graphic design skills, and I just want to grow so much, to a point where I feel its ok for me to combine my Graphics, with my Drawings, my own Photography, my Poetry, and even my Graffiti. my passion comes from deep within me, and I want to take this opportunity of having a blog, to say – make it my artistic diary of some sort.. you feel me…lol


           So basically I’ll share a picture a day or a piece of writing, just to speak on whats really going on with my artistic self… I have being paying much attention to words spoken lately; I mean I love to read, and there is nothing like a good piece of writing… But other than Actions doing louder speaking, there is power in speech.


          So my wisdom for the day I guess is; “WATCH YOUR WORDS FOR THEY EVENTUALLY BECOME THINGS.”


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