One (…a poem for Zambia’s 49th Independence)

Nissi Knows!

Zambia has enjoyed 49 years free from colonial rule. It has been years of peace and we pray God continues to bless us.

A poem I wrote to celebrate Zambia’s Independence…

You held my mum in soft, warm, brown hands
Your earth, her bed
My heart embedded deep within her womb.
You birthed a woman ready to take on the world
Held her in your palm, with peace showed her that love was the revolution.
She arose and gave birth to me
Rising, surviving, overcoming
New Life.
In the struggle that was the breaking from darkness to light
She looked ahead.
Often she rested on your coppery bed
Reconnecting with soil, soul and self
Positioned, perfectly, poised
For Power.
She knew that the only way to be truly free – was
To Be.
So she fought from the inside out
Get out
Asserted the right to have the right to…

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