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While budding filmmakers have a good idea of what happens during the production phase of shooting a film, most have little idea about what happens in post. Both picture and sound go through lengthy and separate editorial processes. These often become a rude awakening for new directors when it pertains to the time and budget requirements. These are the basic steps every modern film goes through in getting to the finish line.

First cut – This stage goes by many names – first cut, first assembly, editor’s cut, etc. In general, this is the first version of the fully-assembled film, including all the scenes edited according to the script. Depending on the editor and the post schedule, this cut may be very rough – or it might be a reasonably polished edit. If the editing happens concurrent to the studio and location filming, then often there will be a “first…

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I love reviewing movies each time I watch something old or new. I am motivated by the way certain directors are able to turn a simple story into something absolutely amazing – I mean just mind-blowing!
Some of my favorite directors include; Pedro Almodovar, Spike Lee, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Danny Boyle.