just saying… sharing.. smiling.

I try not to bring personal business into my work,

but hey… what can I say,

I’m female.

Most of us ‘females’ can’t control our emotions,

and that can either help us 🙂 or  destroy us :-(.


So, here’s what happened;

I woke this morning thinking, “I’m dying” cause of this here flu !

Then as soon as I got over that I thought, “I need change”





Today is the last day of April in the year 2014…

And still I find myself mopping over things of 2004,

A Decade ago!


This affects my entire day, my entire plan, my entire life even.

And it needs to stop !


I said to myself,

I said; “SELF!

Get off your ass! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and do something productive!”

I’m serious,

I said this to ME.


And I was right. I mean, I AM right.


The best thing you can do for yourself right now is be FREE!

FREE from the past!

FREE to be!

FREE to become that which God has purposed for your life!


I feel good for following my own advice.

– Signed #IamNotAMadBlackWomanAnymore 🙂


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