When a #Scriptwriter describes something…

When first picked up the box feels like a tool box – heavy and tempting to open. The tools inside however, turn a natural beauty into Barbie. It’s contents include brushes, colors and pencils, and so the weight is entirely from the box itself… Made of a black shiny metal covered with pure corning gorilla glass. One could stare at this box for an hour and feel an hour richer.
Finally the moment your fingers have been itching for arrives – Time to open the box. First thing you will notice is the flawless mineral foundation that is smooth and light, leaves the skin feeling like you haven’t applied anything; and THAT every woman can appreciate.
Everything is on point from the waterproof creme liner to the liquid eye-brow pencils; the any skin-tone friendly shades to the light-glittered blushes… But if there is something that needs to be singled out, it is the lipstick, with colors like ‘sinful red’ and ‘royal violet’, you can’t possibly go wrong. The best about these lipsticks is how matte they are; makes a woman look sweet and classy.


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