Zambia Short Film Festival (part three)


The theme this year is #UBUNTU which means “Togetherness”


The 4 Films (Desire, Dilemma, Mother & Stranger, and Time)  made by the students will be premiered on Saturday 24th September, 2016. It is this very evening that the students will graduate.


Zambia Short Film Festival (part two)

More pictures from the training journey:

SEPTEMBER 5th – SEPTEMBER 18th, 2016.


Day 1 of class – Introduction


3 days in and I was having a blast – A different fedora each day!


A wonderful discussion with Jessie Chisi, Chris Mukuli and Samba Yonga. I think it was about doing a movie with one character and one location: a task achieved by the bravest.



Tutors in Action!

I got to reunite  and meet some of Zambia’s incredible talents – The field of Sound engineering, Film production, Film directing, Art of Pitching, Cinematography, Scriptwriting, Editing, D.O.P and Acting.


Day 5 after an amazing ladies night. Becky Ngoma in the building!


A light moment with some of the students (class of 2016)



Week 3 was production week – putting the students to the test. I was mentoring one of the teams and they did great work; “It’s funny how challenges make a team stronger.” – one of the students said to me.


On the set of short film “Desire” directed by Arthur J. Chomba. ZNBC (Mooka – ZedConnect) came through for behind the scenes clips and interviews.

It has been a tough but worthwhile journey for the students and tutors alike. Can’t wait for the Festival to begin, so that all may see the work of our hands.



Zambia Short Film Festival (part one)

Being part of such an amazing team is awesome!


Zambia Short Film Festival (ZSFF) is a non-profit making organisation offering high-level professional training, knowledge resources and research to the community, individuals, students, non-governmental organisations and others interested in film making and sustenance of the young Film Industry.
ZSFF has been in existence since 2013 and continues to grow and add considerable value to the Zambian Film Industry. As a platform for the underprivileged voiceless talented young people, ZSFF provides a centre for professional film making by advancing short intensive training, create public understanding of Film Industry, make critical inquiry and research of our productions, and provide a link between talents and their potential employers. This has been dubbed the Young Cinema in Zambia (YCZ).

I joined Zambia Short Film Festival in June 2016 with the guidance of Jessie Chisi and Penias Mangwato. Ngeve Palata, Theresa, Emmanuel Mwape and Kenny Mwanamainda are also part of this incredible establishment.


September 2016 brought in 45 students under the Young Cinema in Zambia who came to Alliance Francaise in Long acres, Lusaka to learn.


Of all the classes this year, I think mine was the most  exciting… Not only because it was the largest class, but also because THE ACTING CLASS demands attention and presence. lol. I kid not.

The class had 22 students at inception; that’s a lot to work with, as you can imagine. However, I jumped in with both feet and to my surprise the talent in the room was equally overwhelming.


Angel is a Screenwriter, Film Director, Television Producer and seasoned Coach with cutting-edge knowledge in Acting and Casting. She is a demonstrator of worthy discourse in film theory and criticism.

Part-time producer at Muvi Television; Active member of the Zambia Short Film Festival.

Course Description:

This Film Acting class is a short course for individuals above the age 12. It is an intense course which attempts to build born actors into skilled believers. The craft is taught in a manner that not only increases your ability to perform but also your desire to reach new heights.

This is a rigorous class, and you will be held to trained-level standards. Be advised that students will be doing a lot of trained-level reading, writing and speaking. Students should only take this course after they have completed grade 7. In order to succeed in this course you need to be highly motivated, well organized and self-disciplined.