Zambia Short Film Festival (part two)

More pictures from the training journey:

SEPTEMBER 5th – SEPTEMBER 18th, 2016.


Day 1 of class – Introduction


3 days in and I was having a blast – A different fedora each day!


A wonderful discussion with Jessie Chisi, Chris Mukuli and Samba Yonga. I think it was about doing a movie with one character and one location: a task achieved by the bravest.



Tutors in Action!

I got to reunite  and meet some of Zambia’s incredible talents – The field of Sound engineering, Film production, Film directing, Art of Pitching, Cinematography, Scriptwriting, Editing, D.O.P and Acting.


Day 5 after an amazing ladies night. Becky Ngoma in the building!


A light moment with some of the students (class of 2016)



Week 3 was production week – putting the students to the test. I was mentoring one of the teams and they did great work; “It’s funny how challenges make a team stronger.” – one of the students said to me.


On the set of short film “Desire” directed by Arthur J. Chomba. ZNBC (Mooka – ZedConnect) came through for behind the scenes clips and interviews.

It has been a tough but worthwhile journey for the students and tutors alike. Can’t wait for the Festival to begin, so that all may see the work of our hands.




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