ZAFTA nominates ‘SARAH’


The MultiChoice Zambia Film and Television Awards (ZAFTA’s) were held at the Taj Pamodzi in Lusaka on the 1st of April 2017.

The hall was appropriately decorated with lights, screens, cameras and well-dressed individuals. The last bit was really a shocker, given the fact that most of the young men and women in the room do their ‘thing’ in jeans and a t-shirt. The suits, bow-ties and fancy dresses caught me off-guard. I caught myself off-guard while in the mirror, decorating my neck for the event.

No such thing as over-dressed when there’s a limo and a red carpet; besides this is the one night of the year in which filmmakers are celebrated. The Arts, and especially the Film Industry, has come a long way to be appreciated in such a manner. Much credit given to the National Arts Council of Zambia (NAC) chairperson, Mulenga Kapwepwe and National Association of Media Arts (NAMA) President, Patrick Mwamba Salubusa for making sure that the voice of filmmakers around the country is heard. And of course thanks to this year’s sponsors, MultiChoice for making us feel like the celebrities we secretly claim to be. I personally am grateful for being alive at a time when I can attend a red carpet film award ceremony in my own country: I lived one of my many dreams in that one night.

I wrote a short film entitled ‘The Housewife’ which we later called ‘Sarah’ in 2015. This film was inspired by the idea of a supernatural gift: The main character, Jeff can’t seem to get over his deceased wife, Sarah – whose ghost visits him regularly. Jeff over time becomes accustomed to these visitations and creates himself a new reality.

In 2016 Mr. Clive Mwape directed this film and took up the role of Jeff. Clive did a great job in bringing this piece alive, by understanding the background and goals of each character in the world of the story.

This short film was nominated for ZAFTA 2017 The Godfrey Kapotwe Mwape Award for the Best Short Film up against Emmanuel Mwape‘s ‘SEX’ and Jessie Chissi‘s ‘Imagination’.

The entire production team is grateful for the nomination.


Angel S. Chipungu