• My Final Project  – which is a promotional (about 2 minutes) about the annual WCC ‘Digital Arts’ Career Day. I tried to make it exciting, and educational – Mainly highlighting the importance of digital knowledge. I included a bit of the presentation by Berlin Production member – Joe, so that viewers can have an idea of what we can learn from attending, such impotant events.

  • In this video I used a couple of  editing techniques, that we covered during the first few weeks of the class. I used some cross dissolves, ken burns effect, fade-in and fade-out, cheat cuts, jump cuts, and match cuts. Thanks to the Blade tool, I also included some basic  changes in color resolution, as well as in speed ( like slow motion and fast forward).

  • As far as sound; although we didn’t get to cover alot in class, I managed to use the volume changes wisely and to relate some parts of the music to the video.

  • Overall, I wish we could have done more things. It has being a successful semester for me and I have come to love learning how to use Final Cut Pro7.


    This was my final project in DV1.. Although I did a couple more.
    I liked this one because unlike most others, I used my own footage, I put together my own editing techniques and picked my own music.
    Eventually the main purpose of this course was to learn new ways to make editing either exciting to watch or silent… and I think I achieved both because my cuts are quick and close, while the music also turns down when it has to… I worked hard just to do this, and I put alot of thought into it.

    Special Thanks to;
    – Center of Digital Arts (Peekskill)
    – 3 Doors Down
    – Youtube
    – Final Cut Pro7]
    – Prof. D. Krikun



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