1953 Alfred Hitchcock film



Montgomery Clift

Anne Baxter

Karl Malden

Brian Aherne

O.E. Hasse

Dolly Haas

Roger Dann

Important Images (In Order of Occurrence):

Suggesting that Father Logan, is always moving forward

Logan walks to the back of the church fearlessly, in the dark

We hear Otto Keller confess to murder

The Attorney Willy, soon finds out that the priest has being accused

Logan’s ex-lover Ruth is willing to give a testimony

Inspector Larue forces Ruth to tell all

” Have you ever been in love, inspector? ”

She continues to tell her love story, to prove that Logan didnt kill Villete

The Holy Priest decides to turn himself in

Mr Keller harrases Logan

Father Micheal Logan Faces the corrupt law

Even standing before an attorney, a jury, the judge, and civilians – Logan refuses to say what he knows

After his found innocent, & the crowd is upset, Alma Keller gets shot by her husband for attempting to tell the truth

Larue finds out that Keller has shot another person

Close to the end, there is a final confession from the murderer, who dies with a prayer from the man who suffered his debt



A young man who was once in love, goes to war and returns with a different perspective on life. He decides to dedicate his life to being a priest. Although his ex-lover, Ruth Grandfort doesn’t take her marital vows to Pierre Grandfort  seriously, Micheal Logan stays committed to his .

We soon see the religious gentleman get tested, when he is accused of the murder of Vilette – a well known lawyer. This detail is interesting ,in that Father Logan knows who the actual killer is, but is unable to tell the authorities. The night before the news of  Vilette’s murder was pronounced,  a man by the name ‘Otto Keller’ stepped into the confession booth with Father Logan, where he confessed to having killed Vilette. Being a Catholic Priest forbids Logan from revealing anything heard in confession.

As the story unfolds we learn of the young priest’s past, which also stands as a motive for murder, according to Larue. He is taken to trial, and found innocent by the jury. This angers the judge, the police, and the mob outside the court room. Its at this point that we see, Alma Keller take a bullet for Father Logan. The police, although still oblivious to what is going on, follow Keller into a hotel, where he meets his death. In this ending scene we see the ultimate goodness of Father Logan, when he  kneels down with Keller in his arms, and says a prayer.


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