Lake Hill is set up on the shore of Lake Kariba. It is driven by the journey of Mr. KABWE KABWE, popularly known as KK. We meet him at Lake Hill Lodge where he serves as the General Manager and husband to the owner of the establishment.

After the loss of her first husband INONGE HARRIS KABWE confided in KK and though much younger than her, they got married. It is not clear at first that Mr. Kabwe married Inonge simply for her fame and fortune; in point of fact, many believed it was true love.

The public engagement came as a surprise to none but WENDY, the Marketing Manager and one of KK’s women. She begins to cause drama at the lodge, revealing that she and KK had known each other a very well and that they had a plan in motion to rob Inonge of all her wealth. KK’s greed and obvious stubbornness causes him to disregard Wendy’s tantrums, reminding her that without him she is nothing.

Wendy has an arch-rival: The seductive receptionist, BEAUTY. Their war is like two women sleeping with the same man (in our local language, “kwati ba gona kumozi”). And they are. We wait to see what happens when they both find out: However, Beauty’s ‘go-getter’ personality makes us believe she won’t even care.

Will Wendy decide to keep working for the lodge under all this pressure to be what she is not? Or will she forget her losses and walk away from it all?

The exceptional Chinese-trained chef, CHEW CHOW, has worked for Lake Hill lodge since the time it was just a blueprint and a dream. He worked under the late HAMMOND HARRIS as his personal chef and his good friend. He owes his excellent Chinese cuisine expertise to the man, and he never forgets to mention it every chance he gets. Chew Chow has a few bad habits, however, like his excessive lying and his fantasizing over Mrs. Kabwe.

KK does not like Chew Chow because he knows many, if not all of his secrets; like the fact that he is a professional womanizer. The latter finds himself committing theft and blackmail in order to keep his job.

Tina is the unconquered woman; the only one who KK has not slept with… yet. She is quiet, but also unpredictable. As the series unfolds we discover that the young lady actually has quite a lot of problems. Her abusive ex-boyfriend, ORLANDO for instance, who comes to the lodge to “get her back”. And then there is her young sister ANGELA, whose lifestyle and hunger for fame takes an ugly turn.

Towards the end of the story, Mrs. Inonge Harris Kabwe will flourish. Lake Hill Lodge will finally be what she has always dreamt it to be, and her many obstacles will vanish. But before then she must go through an angry ex-partner of her late husband; Her angry step-daughter; and all the drama developing around her employees.

As the drama unfolds we discover that KK is involved with many different business scams and many different women. These things will make him popular, but the very things will create his downfall. The future of Kabwe Kabwe is expectedly unpleasant. They say ‘the bad guy never wins’.



DIRECTOR: Frank Sibbukku

WRITER: Angel SikuMarie Chipungu

PRODUCER: Frank Sibbuku


LOCATION: Freshview Homes, Siavonga


  • Chikonde Chumbu – Kabwe Kabwe (KK) = General Manager
  • Isikanda L. Situmba – Inonge Harris Kabwe = Owner of Lakeview Lodge
  • D’nice Chipampe – Chew Chow = Chef
  • Kate Liboma Jerrico – Wendy = Marketing manager
  • Jemimmah Barton Phiri – Tina = Waitress
  • Chilumba Chanda – Beauty = Receptionist