NJILA – The Phase is about a brother and sister who are facing the worst time in their lives. The story begins a year after their father’s death; when Uncle Tom robs them of all the property that the former left behind. Jane and Gomezyani are forced to live in a rum-shackle until they find their own way out.

Throughout their journey, Uncle Tom pretends to be concerned about their well being, and yet he doesn’t act upon his many promises to better their lives.

We see that adapting to a lifestyle of lack has been the biggest challenge for them. Their father spoiled them with the best of everything; good schools, nice clothes, balanced meals, and love. Today Jane and Gomezyani share a one-bedroom house located in a small compound not too far from their uncle’s mansion.


NJILA: THE PHASE PREMIERED ON Zambezi Magic (DStv) ON Friday 5 February, 2016.

Njila: The Phase – A tale of riches to rags


DIRECTOR: Joshua Nanga

WRITER: Angel SikuMarie Chipungu

PRODUCER: Brian Palale


LOCATION: Lusaka, Zambia