Acting Workshop

This one week acting workshop aims at improving Zambian actors. Angel ‘SikuMarie’ Chipungu (me), D’Nice Chipampe, and Clive Mwape came together to teach what they (we) know about the craft.

I jumped in both feet… Ready to do the work others might consider “too much”
Thanks to my co-workers/co-speakers it went great!
Tomorrow we are doing ‘writing for film'(Yay me!) and ‘acting games’ (Woohoo!)

Can’t wait to share the whole experience on here… (with pictures!)


When a #Scriptwriter describes something…

When first picked up the box feels like a tool box – heavy and tempting to open. The tools inside however, turn a natural beauty into Barbie. It’s contents include brushes, colors and pencils, and so the weight is entirely from the box itself… Made of a black shiny metal covered with pure corning gorilla glass. One could stare at this box for an hour and feel an hour richer.
Finally the moment your fingers have been itching for arrives – Time to open the box. First thing you will notice is the flawless mineral foundation that is smooth and light, leaves the skin feeling like you haven’t applied anything; and THAT every woman can appreciate.
Everything is on point from the waterproof creme liner to the liquid eye-brow pencils; the any skin-tone friendly shades to the light-glittered blushes… But if there is something that needs to be singled out, it is the lipstick, with colors like ‘sinful red’ and ‘royal violet’, you can’t possibly go wrong. The best about these lipsticks is how matte they are; makes a woman look sweet and classy.

just saying… sharing.. smiling.

I try not to bring personal business into my work,

but hey… what can I say,

I’m female.

Most of us ‘females’ can’t control our emotions,

and that can either help us 🙂 or  destroy us :-(.


So, here’s what happened;

I woke this morning thinking, “I’m dying” cause of this here flu !

Then as soon as I got over that I thought, “I need change”





Today is the last day of April in the year 2014…

And still I find myself mopping over things of 2004,

A Decade ago!


This affects my entire day, my entire plan, my entire life even.

And it needs to stop !


I said to myself,

I said; “SELF!

Get off your ass! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and do something productive!”

I’m serious,

I said this to ME.


And I was right. I mean, I AM right.


The best thing you can do for yourself right now is be FREE!

FREE from the past!

FREE to be!

FREE to become that which God has purposed for your life!


I feel good for following my own advice.

– Signed #IamNotAMadBlackWomanAnymore 🙂

Writing For Film

Writing For Film <—Read full article on

This is really just advice to myself:

The writer’s job is never to direct on the page, that is to determine how the shot or scene should be filmed. That’s the director’s job, and unless you’re fortunate enough to be directing his or her own screenplay, it is never wise to dictate to the director, cinematographer or film editor how they should do their jobs. You need to write vividly with strong visuals and dramatic action so that the page comes to life for the reader.

Understandably, screenwriters see the film as they write it. They see it in shots – often very specific. But what is a shot? A shot can be quick, long, stationary, sweeping, etc. It can be anything the writer envisions, so essentially, a shot is what the camera sees? And scenes are made up of shots – either a single shot or a series of many.

But the writer should never be concerned about what kind of shots or how many. None of that matters until pre-production and principle photography begins. Ten different directors could take the same script and storyboard ten very different ways to shoot the scenes. One director might use a moving master shot, another might use a combination of a wide and two over the shoulders, and still another might use a dozen different shots, including aerials and inserts…

The Treasure of Sierra Madre

One of the greatest films of all time, starring the iconic Humphrey Bogart. Its about 3 guys who search a mexican-bandit-infected desert, for gold.

It highlights certain topics, such as; greed, trust, betrayal, war, gain, and loss.

At the beginning of the 1948 flick, the old man gives an ironic testimony, on how ‘a man will go up the hill, searching for $5,000, but will end up aiming to retrieve $100,000′, all because of greed.

I would recommend this film to others, because it holds a valuable lesson. It also has a nice twist of karma/fate in the end.

(directed by John Huston)