Sleep is far from my eyes, especially deep a night..

But when the sky turns from dim to bright,

My eyes get heavy and hence they fight.

This be true too, for the horse and his knight..

the former and latter, stay up all night only to prove love with tire.


Poetry is bliss, and so is thee that speaks the language,

My life revolves around creative speech and the emotion behind it..

To draw, to paint, to sing, to dance,

are not as much exciting as is to speak a language such as that of Shakespeare..

Your question was simple but my answer will inspire.

Hear of me sooner than later my dear..


I should apologize for leaving your second question unanswered,

should I? will I? I have! so I might!

Rest is for the tired and lifeless,

I will stay in awakeness until I run breathless.

By the way, the term awakeness is hardly of existence..

But who cares? this language is meant for our exploitance..

Oops I did it again, and yet still not in shame..

From these actions I should refrain..

Should I? will I? I have! and so I might!


By Angel ‘SikuMarie’ Chipungu

May 27, 2011 at 8:57am


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