The life of an angel,

one would think, is simple.

She wakes up/ makes her bed of flowers/ takes a shower in manner/ wears her robe/ heads to the palace and receives instructions from the Master.


But what happens when an Angel,

is sent to watch over a man that is meant to be a Hero?

…And he thinks his just a man meant to be a zero?

He is someone in disguise/ a genius in God’s eyes/ supposed to be important in the kingdom of God/ but the things of this earth have kept his mind like a toad/ but even in the story of the princess and the frog

…the man comes out better than before.


When he wears a disguise/ she reciprocates/ he changes his name/ so she wears a new face to stay in his Lane.

Almost a family guy/ he welcomes her in/ but as soon as it’s time/ he shuts her out/ how will she explain?

The master refuses to let her back into the kingdom/ until she fixes what she hadn’t broken.

In their disguises they are against each other,

but if they opened their eyes they would see that one goes with the other.

… Zeus might even say, he is only half without her.



By Angel ‘SikuMarie’ Chipungu.

Written March 28th 2014; revision in progress.



One thought on “Do Angels Breathe?

  1. This poem is supposed to be read with rush pauses…
    Also note, that some verses are a rumble…
    After the very last sentence, the reader must give out audible breathes – 3 Deep ones to be precise.

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