Made up my mind,

was ready to leave,

packed my bags

wasn’t gonna tolerate another one of your lies…


I had it with all your “promises to try”,

but all just words that died on your lips,

the same lips I kissed,

the same lips, I miss…


BUT that isn’t the point,

point is that I was gone,

Out the DOOR,

Out your LIFE!


Never to interrupt with your ‘perfect plans’,

my need for you was clearly not as important,

as your need to be free,

so I said to myself,

“He doesn’t want you here anymore”…


But then I looked into my FUTURE and couldn’t find the key,

I am locked in,

can’t even see the door,

I am confused,

my mind hasn’t changed,

and my hand is unclaimed,

why can’t my WILL break the walls?



my WILL isn’t what I thought it was,


But it doesn’t even matter,

because God’s will does,

and if he says I must stay,

then who I’m I to leave?


My mind?

IT’S still made up,

but this time it’s open,

not only is my heart chained to yours,

but my mind is also wrapped up,

My feet are grounded…


My eyes see the greatness in you

it is my duty to let that greatness come out

so until then

I’m here to stay…



By Angel ‘SikuMarie’ Chipungu

Written in 2 minutes – Not yet edited

February 2014.


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