Angel M Chipungu ‏@SikuMarie


–       What’s that thing they say about serving two masters again?

–       And by “Masters” they are referring to people more than activities right?

–       I’m a little confused as to how the ‘other master’ comes into the picture anyway…

–       So, the said ‘server’ isn’t satisfied with the ‘first master’ so they look for a ‘second master’ to compensate for what the former lacks?

–       Eventually this ‘server’ would have to pick one ‘master’, correct?

–       And the ‘master’ that is picked by the ‘server’ would have no clue what-so-ever that they were 1 of 2 choices…

–       Then this ‘master’ would wear a big crown because, in their mind – they were thee ‘Ultimate’ choice?

–       Unfortunately, the crown that this ‘master’ wears is unknowingly only 50% deserved.

–       This ‘Crowned Ultimate master’ will, sooner than later discover that they did not receive a loyal ‘server’… And then what?

–       To what end will this ‘master’ go to become the ‘Crown deserving ultimate master’ ?

–       So, pardon me when I say to the ‘server’ – make up you damn mind! Serve one ‘master’ – even if you’re not sure if they deserve the crown.

–       Soon you will discover that serving ‘one master’ and giving them all your attention will make you a better ‘server’.

–       Sometimes ‘your one master’ could even be ‘your one server’.





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