Written August 15th, 2011; Revised December 4th, 2013


I hold up my phone every night to stare at your number,
at this point all memories of you have me haunted,
With every passing second the feeling is getting stronger,
you have my whole being tormented…

Why did I say no? Why did I let you go?
What if you don’t pick up? What if you never call back?
What if you moved on? What if I’m the one holding on?
Do you still love me? Am I still your only?

May be I should call you later,
May be I should wait for your call,
May be you changed your number,
May be someone else receives your call…

I’ve spent hours studying the pattern of your digits,
When the backlight goes off,
my finger nails rip the sheets,
I can’t doze off,
this wet pillow and cold duvet aren’t helping me sleep,
The damn radio is high on love songs,
I counted sheep,
they all had your face,
I shouted random numbers,
they brought me back to the phone…

One day I’ll hit the button,
That day I’ll be ready to hear your gentle voice over my tiny ear piece,
I’ll be sure to say “am sorry”,
I’ll tell you how my day was and how much better it would have been with you in it,
I’ll say all the things that romantic films are missing,
I’ll whisper all the lyrics that Michael Bolton has never written,
I’ll tell you I love you a thousand times,
cause baby that’s how it ought to be…
I won’t let you hang up, Until you hear me!
Until you say you feel the same way,
I won’t fall asleep, Until you’re here next to me,
Until this duvet is not of use…

But for now, My finger remains numb,
And your number remains Un-Dialed.

By Angel ‘SikuMarie’ Chipungu


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