1: letter


Use a single letterform to create designs in which the black figure of the letterform is perceived as negative space or background, and the white ground is perceived as the positive space, or figure. Each design should hint at the letterform’s identity. This project can help you to see negative space and details of typographic form. You will also gain basic experience using Adobe Illustrator tools, including transforming objects, working with layers, and managing multiple documents. Due: Week 3

2: word


Select two to five words from the word list and explore their expressive qualities by manipulating the letter forms. Use the Design Principles discussed in class to create visual differences that express some aspect of the words’ meanings. As this exercise requires manipulating typefaces, styles, sizes, and positions, it is an excellent project for developing your computer skills.   first drafts due: week 4   final due: week 5

3: text


Using the Printing in Europe text, create five (5) variations that treat the delineation between paragraphs differently. Use negative space and alignment of lines & columns to create alternate ways of indicating paragraphs, ranging from conservative to outrageous. First drafts due week 6  final due week 7

4: grid


Analyze a given text and classify it into three levels of visual hierarchy: dominant, sub-dominant, and subordinate. Use a given modular grid to help create similarity and difference in your designs. Your compositions should simplify and clarify the information, encouraging the viewer to read the information in a logical and pre-determined order.

5: image


You’ll randomly select a text and related image, develop a visual hierarchy and add meaning by combining the two in a single design. Use Illustrator’s masking function, as well as various text techniques covered in class, in order to communicate, or say something, about the subject. DUE WEEK 11

6: layout


Randomly select a prominent contemporary graphic designer. Research this individual, select appropriate imagery, write a headline, and assemble the elements into a visually arresting two-page-spread that visually refers to the person’s work.

  • worksheet & type abstraction due week 12 
  • first drafts due week 13 
  • second drafts due week 14 
  • final due week 15

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