Here is the HISTORY, and MEANING of the words I worked on for this project:

Broken is the past participle of ‘break’. It was attested from the 1520s. An object is defined as broken when it is reduced to more than one fragment.

Lonely is a word used to describe a person that is affected by the feeling of being alone.

Solid is a state of matter that holds the three dimensions -length, breadth and thickness. Water for example becomes a solid, when it reaches its freezing point.

Float can refer to something that is suspended in the air. Light objects, usually filled with a gas, are able to float.

Magnetic can refer to an object that attracts or sticks to another. Usually attraction from a magnet to a metal.

Hide is to stay away from, or to stay out of sight.

Elastic objects have the ability to resume its normal shape spontaneously after contraction, dilatation, or distortion.




kligolkedvheikjmer,jmor jrehgilkfr krgjnkdfjog






After a review of the drafts in class, I realised the direction in which i must go. I will use the concept of G.O.T.E to execute my plan. *Great designers find a way aroud Great responsibilities.*

G.O.T.E stands for ‘Goal’ – ‘Obstacles’ – ‘Tactics’ – and ‘Expectation’

My Goal = To use one of the design principles that I have learned about so far, to create visual differences that express some aspect of the words’ meanings.

My Obstacles =Time seems to run out. I dont own quality equipment(paper/illustrator). Finally I have personal issues.

My Tactics to achieve my GOAL despite my obstacles: I will draw as many thumbnail, as many drafts, read all the instructions, and work with what I have got to finish with efficiency and understanding.

My Expectation: I expect to succeed in this project. I shall believe in myself. Get all the material and work extra hard.


*From the 7 words I worked on, here are the 3 I drafted…






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